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Sister Cities of Kyoto City

Kyoto sister city initiation commenced with the city of Paris, in France in 1958. Since then, Kyoto has signed sister city relations with eight other cities, namely Boston, in the United States; Cologne, in Germany; Florence, in Italy; Kiev, in Ukraine; Xi’an, in China; Guadalajara, in Mexico; Zagreb, in Croatia; and Prague, in Czech.

During these years, various exchange programmes such as cultural, artistic, economical and educational ones have been carried out in respective cities.

One of the highlights of these programmes is the celebration of the10th anniversary commemoration. During this occasion several events are held with the participation of the citizens of both cities.


Sister Cities of Kyoto City
CityCountryDate of Affiliation
ParisRepublic of France 15.6.1958
BostonUnited States of America 24.6.1959
CologneFederal Republic of Germany 29.5.1963
FlorenceRepublic of Italy 22.9.1965
KievUkraine 7.9.1971
Xi'anPeople's Republic of China 10.5.1974
GuadalajaraUnited Mexican States 20.10.1980
ZagrebRepublic of Croatia 22.10.1981
PragueCzech Republic 15.4.1996
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Sister Cities


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